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What Is Carbon Fiber Composite Material?

With the development of science and technology, composite materials have become the new favorite of the material industry. The FRP composited with glass fiber and organic resin was first introduced, and then carbon fiber, ceramic fiber and boron fiber reinforced composite materials also appeared in this large family.In this article, I will tell you about the unique Carbon fiber composite material.

What Is Carbon Fiber Composite Material

From other articles on Be-cu’s official website, we know that carbon fiber is a special fiber mainly composed of carbon elements. The carbon content of ordinary carbon fiber is about 90%, and the carbon content of graphite fiber is more than 95%.

Carbon exists in many forms in nature, such as hard diamond and flexible charcoal, carbon fiber inherits this advantage, soft but high strength. In addition, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, friction resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and so on.It can be used in various environments and has a long life. Carbon fiber composite materials are made by combining carbon fibers with resins, ceramics, plastics manufacturing, etc., which have the advantages of both materials and can be used in high-tech fields.

Among the many carbon fiber composite materials, the most used carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composite materials, its molding method can be seen.

With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, carbon fiber composite materials, a new type of material that meets environmental protection needs and is of high quality and low price, have become the current material of choice in many fields. So, what is carbon fiber composite material? What does it include? This article will introduce it in detail.

Carbon Fiber Composite Material

Carbon Fiber Reinforcedlastic (CFRP) is a structural material made of carbon fiber as reinforcement and a matrix composite of resin, ceramics and metals parts. It is currently one of the most advanced composite materials in the world. With its high strength and quality With various excellent properties such as light weight, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance, it has been widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, military industry and other fields.

Carbon Fiber Composite Material Classification

(1) Resin-based composite material (CFRP)

Resin-based composite materials (CFRP) can be divided into thermosetting resin (TS) and thermoplastic resin (TP). The former has the characteristics of high strength and stiffness; the phenolic resin base has the characteristics of good heat resistance. The characteristics of the latter include resistance to moisture and heat and toughness. , Excellent molding processability.

Due to the above characteristics, they are used in the heat shield layer on the outer surface of spacecraft and rocket nozzles, aerospace structural materials, fishing rods, building reinforcements, etc.

(2) Carbon/carbon composite material (C/C)

Carbon/carbon composite (C/C) is a composite material reinforced by carbon fiber and its products (carbon cloth, etc.). It has low density, ablation resistance, thermal shock resistance, high thermal conductivity, low expansion, and excellent friction and wear properties. It is Used to manufacture missile warheads, solid rocket motor nozzles, space shuttles, aircraft brake discs, artificial bones, etc.

(3) Metal matrix composite materials (CFRM)

It mainly includes actinium, aluminum, nickel, and copper. It has the characteristics of high specific strength, high specific modulus, and excellent fatigue strength. It is used in aerospace structural materials, automobiles, railways, machinery and other fields.

(4) Ceramic matrix composite (CFRC)

Ceramic matrix composites (CFRC) have the characteristics of improved toughness and mechanical impact/thermal shock resistance, and are used in high-temperature engine parts and other fields.

(5) Rubber-based composite material (CFRR)

Rubber-based composite materials (CFRR) have the characteristics of improving thermal fatigue and extending service life, and are used in pipes, wear-resistant liners, special seals and other fields.

At present, carbon fiber composite materials are mainly resin-based composite materials (CFRP), accounting for more than 90% of the total carbon fiber composite materials market share. Carbon composite materials are also an important member of the carbon fiber composite family. They are widely used in fields such as photovoltaic thermal field components and aerospace components due to their extremely strong temperature resistance. In recent years, with the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, carbon carbon composite materials have been driven by surge in demand.

Comparison Of Performance Between Carbon Fiber Composite Materials And Commonly Used Materials

Compared with other materials, carbon fiber composite materials have the lowest density. According to “Application of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials in Automobile Lightweighting”, the density of high-strength/high-modulus carbon fiber composite materials is 1.5/1.6g/cm³ respectively, and the weight reduction rate reaches 55%-60%. At the same time, the strength/modulus of carbon fiber composites is also higher than that of most materials.

The tensile strength of high-strength/high-modulus carbon fiber composites is 1400/1100Mpa respectively, and the elastic modulus is 130/190Gpa respectively (the resistance of carbon fiber composites is The tensile strength/elastic modulus will be smaller than carbon fiber carbon filament). Therefore, in application fields such as lightweight/high strength/high modulus, carbon fiber composite materials have obvious performance advantages. As the cost and price of carbon fiber decline, the application fields of carbon fiber composite materials are expected to expand rapidly.

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