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Design Principles Of Carbon Fiber Composite Laminates

Carbon fiber composite material is made of carbon fiber and other matrix materials through a composite process. It has high specific strength, high specific modulus and high shock absorption. It has excellent performance and is used in many fields. It is an anisotropic material, and special attention should be paid to the design of the ply during the molding design. In this article, the editor will talk about the design principles of carbon fiber composite laminates.
1. Lay-up orientation principle: The types of lay-up angles should be minimized. In practical applications, four kinds of lay-up angles of 0°, ±45° and 90° are used the most.
2. The principle of layer orientation is selected according to the load: the fiber direction should be as consistent as possible with the direction of the external load.
3. Principle of balanced and symmetrical laying: carbon fiber composite materials have the phenomenon of coupling deformation. If the structure is asymmetrically laid in a balanced manner, coupling deformation will occur after curing, while symmetrical laying will not cause coupling deformation.
4. The principle of the minimum proportion of layers: in order to prevent the substrate from being stressed and reduce the heat and humidity stress, the proportion of layers with directions of 0°, ±45° and 90° is generally greater than 10%.
5. Thickening design principle: In order to avoid stress concentration caused by sudden change in thickness, the number of layers should be gradually changed according to the number of steps in the design of thickened layers. The step difference of each layer should be equal and the width should not be less than 2.5mm. The surface layer of the structure adopts continuous layup to avoid delamination at the steps.
6. Design principle for impact load: For parts of carbon fiber board that are easily impacted, there should be enough 45° layers to spread the load, and enough 0° layers to withstand local impact loads.
Carbon fiber composite laminates are widely used and can be used in drone parts, medical CT panels, mechanical parts, etc. The picture above is a medical board customized by China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. for a well-known domestic medical device manufacturer. The texture is clear and neat, the surface is smooth, free of impurities, white spots, scratches, pits, pinholes, thickness The tolerance should be kept within ±0.05mm, and the transmittance of X-rays is as high as 96%.

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