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Interpret Some Misunderstandings Of Carbon Fiber

for”carbon fiber“This word must be familiar to everyone. It represents high technology and high performance, and is sought after by people. With the rise in popularity of carbon fiber and the expansion of the field of use, some products will be advertised with “” For the three words “carbon fiber”, there are still some misunderstandings in people’s concepts. The following editor will briefly talk about it.
There are many people who confuse carbon fiber with carbon fiber reinforcement, in fact, they are not the same. The carbon content of carbon fiber is very high, more than 95%. It is processed with polyacrylonitrile-based fiber, viscose fiber, pitch-based fiber, and phenolic-based fiber, while carbon fiber reinforced material is composited by carbon fiber and other materials. It has a lower carbon content. It’s not that carbon fiber reinforcement is not good, its performance is also good, but it is still different from carbon fiber.
When it comes to carbon fiber, the first thing that comes to our mind is a very strong, light-weight, and expensive material, and in fact it also has grades. The materials used in planes, rockets, missiles, etc. must be very high-quality materials, while general living materials, such as carbon fiber fishing rods, carbon fiber brackets, etc., are of a slightly lower grade. The quality of carbon fiber is related to its raw silk, manufacturing equipment, production environment and production technology.
The above are some misunderstandings of people’s understanding of carbon fiber. Sometimes people confuse carbon fiber with other fiber materials. In fact, it can be distinguished from the appearance. Carbon fiber is black and opaque, glass fiber is white, yellow, etc., which looks a bit transparent, and aramid fiber looks closer to natural fibers such as cotton and linen.
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