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Performance Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Tubes

Performance Advantages Of Carbon Fiber Tubes

Because of its performance advantages, carbon fiber tubes have successfully banned other materials in many industries. Carbon fiber tubes are also a product that has become a product with many carbon fiber materials. The reason why carbon fiber tubes can be well used is that the performance advantages of carbon fiber tubes are very high. , Be-cu prototypes have been producing carbon fiber tubes of various specifications. In this article, I will tell you about the performance advantages of carbon fiber tubes.

Carbon fiber tubes will age, but the aging rate will be very slow. Aging is closely related to the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment.

Carbon fiber pipes are light in weight and high in strength. Compared with steel pipes and aluminum alloy parts and pipes of the same specifications, the strength of carbon fiber pipes is about 6 times higher. Because of this performance advantage, carbon fiber pipes have gradually replaced metal pipes in many fields. The performance advantages of carbon fiber tubes are as follows:

Good Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of carbon fiber are very high. The density of T300 carbon fiber tube is only about 1.6g/cm, and the tensile strength can reach 3600Pa. This makes the carbon fiber tube have a very high lightweight advantage and outstanding mechanical properties. In addition, the carbon fiber tube also has high fatigue resistance. Compared with pipes made of other materials, carbon fiber pipes are light in weight and have higher performance advantages. They are also used in many industries that require high lightweighting such as aircraft and automobiles. At the same time, due to their small creep, they can also be used Used in the production of robotic arms, space telescope tubes, and rollers.

Good Chemical Properties

Carbon fiber pipes have very good chemical stability. Carbon fiber pipes still maintain good stability in the environment of acid, alkali and salt corrosion and have very high corrosion resistance. This also enables carbon fiber pipes to be used in many fields. Very good application.

Very Good Thermal Stability

Carbon fiber has good thermal stability and can still have good stability despite temperature differences. The linear expansion coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is also relatively low and will not creep easily, which can better ensure the pipe accuracy.

Has Very Good Shock Absorption Advantages

In carbon fiber products, because each carbon fiber inside is evenly distributed, this results in the overall structural stability of the carbon fiber being better. When encountering pressure, the vibration can be well dispersed, which plays a very good role. The shock absorption effect is also a good advantage compared to steel.

In some fields, carbon fiber pipes and pipes that replace other materials are affected by the price and output of raw materials, as well as the molding process of the products. The price of carbon fiber products will be much higher than that of steel products. I believe that with the development of technology With progress, more and more carbon fiber products will be available to the market.

The entire material of the carbon fiber tube is made of carbon fiber composite material, so the performance of the entire carbon fiber tube is actually closely related to the carbon fiber composite material. The carbon fiber composite material is composed of carbon elements, and the whole result is similar to artificial graphite, carbon The atoms are connected together in the form of graphitized hexagonal microcrystals to form random turbostratic graphite, and are oriented along the axis of the carbon fiber. This crystalline orientation makes the carbon fiber very mild, which is much higher than that of many carbon fibers. Many metal materials, including plastic materials, are much, much stronger.

The density of the high modulus carbon fiber material is 1.7g/cm3, the tensile strength is 4000MPa, the tensile modulus is 240GPa, the specific strength is 24, and the specific modulus is 140. Compared with the higher-strength steel, it is found that the density of the high-strength steel is 7.8g/cm3, the tensile strength is 340-2100Mpa, the tensile modulus is 208GPa, the specific strength is 0.04-0.27, and the specific modulus is 27. In this comparison, it can be found that the specific strength of carbon fiber is much higher than that of high-strength steel and high all-aluminum alloy materials, that is, this material is a material with low density, but it can indeed provide high strength and high modulus. . The performance advantages of the produced carbon fiber tubes are very obvious.

Carbon fiber tubes have the following performance advantages:

  • High strength and light weight, which can play a good role in lightweighting, and can also allow products using carbon fiber tubes to obtain high-performance advantages.
  • Corrosion resistance and high stability, the service life of carbon fiber pipes is much longer than that of traditional metal pipes.
  • High temperature resistance, creep resistance and wear resistance, which makes the carbon fiber tube have a high use advantage, and can also have a good use advantage in some special environments.

These are the performance advantages of carbon fiber tubes, and because of these performance advantages, carbon fiber tubes are very well used in many industries. You can see the application of carbon fiber tubes, such as rollers, brackets, etc. If you need carbon fiber tubes, please come to consult Be-cu Prototype, China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that has been in the field of carbon fiber product production and machining for many years.

It has produced a lot of carbon fiber products, with complete The advanced carbon fiber product production line, every link in the production and micro manufacturing process is strictly controlled, whether it is performance or appearance, it can stand the test of customers, and has been well received by customers. Accept customized machining according to drawings.


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