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The Benefits Of Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

The Benefits Of Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

The drive shaft is an important part of the machine tool and is used to transmit the power source to the actuator. The drive shaft in small and medium-sized machinery can be made of ordinary steel, but large-scale machinery has higher requirements on materials.

The bending resistance, strength, and rotation accuracy must meet certain requirements. Although the strength of metal is high, it has high density. The drive shaft will become very difficult to process, install and debug. If carbon fiber material is used instead, it will achieve very good results.The drive shaft keeps rotating during work and rubs against other components, so the friction resistance must be good to be used for a long time.

The friction resistance of carbon fiber is as good as that of metal, and it can be used instead. In terms of weight, the current machinery is developing towards light weight. The density of carbon fiber is only 1.8g/cm^3, which is a quarter of that of steel. It is very lightweight, saves energy during operation, and is easy to replace. The contact between metal machining and moisture in the air is easy to oxidize and rust, and regular maintenance is required. Carbon fiber does not have this concern.

Lightweight advantages

Due to its heavy weight, traditional metal transmission shafts will have a negative impact on the performance of the car when driving at high speeds, such as acceleration, fuel consumption, etc. Due to the advantages of the material, the carbon fiber drive shaft can greatly reduce the weight, thereby improving the vehicle’s acceleration and fuel efficiency, giving the vehicle better handling and faster response capabilities.

Advantages of high strength

Carbon fiber drive shafts are more than twice as strong as traditional metal drive shafts and can withstand greater torque and power output. At the same time, the carbon fiber drive shaft has better tensile strength and fatigue resistance due to its special fiber structure, making it more durable.

Advantages of low inertia

The transmission shaft is a key component for transmitting power in a car. It is prone to centrifugal force at high speeds, which affects the driving experience. The carbon fiber transmission shaft has light weight and small inertia. Compared with the metal transmission shaft, it can reduce the movement inertia of the component, reduce the impact of the vehicle’s centrifugal force on the driver, and improve the driving experience.

In short, carbon fiber transmission shaft is a disruptive automotive component that has multiple advantages such as lightweight, high strength, and low inertia. It can not only improve vehicle performance and driving experience, but also contribute to environmental protection. It is an important part of future automotive manufacturing. a major trend.

Carbon fiber material has excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, strong designability, shock absorption and drop resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, etc. Compared with traditional metal materials, it has low noise, low vibration amplitude, light weight, and no life Rust, not afraid of corrosion, easy maintenance, energy saving.

The benefits of carbon fiber drive shafts are very many, and they have begun to be used in machinery instead of metal. If you need carbon fiber product machining parts, welcome to Be-cu prototype consultation. The prototype of Be-cu has successfully cooperated with high-end enterprises such as China South Locomotive Group, China North Industries Group Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Tesla Motors and so on. He has certain experience in automotive industry-grade rail transit structural parts.


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