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What Are The Special Properties Of Carbon Nanofibers

What Are The Special Properties Of Carbon Nanofibers

The mechanical properties of carbon nanofibers are quite outstanding. According to our China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd.’s many years of production and cnc machining experience, adding a small amount of carbon nanofibers to epoxy resin can greatly improve the interlaminar shear strength, tensile force, and pressure of carbon nanofiber composites. , bending and other mechanical properties.Carbon nanofibers are ideal lightweight reinforcement materials for the preparation of composite materials. Studies have shown that carbon nanofibers have high strength, high elasticity and high stiffness at the same time, and have shown great potential in improving the mechanical properties of composite materials and molecular devices.

What Is Carbon Nanofibers

Carbon nanofiber refers to a fibrous nanocarbon material curled from multiple layers of graphite sheets. Its diameter is generally 10~500nm and its length is distributed between 0.5~100μm. It is a one-dimensional material between carbon nanotubes and ordinary carbon fibers. Carbon materials.

Carbon nanofibers have excellent physical, mechanical properties and chemical stability, such as high specific surface area, mechanical strength and Young’s modulus, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and thermal stability. They are now widely used in aerospace, sports and sports. supplies, medical equipment, biological materials and other fields.

Carbon nanofibers are mainly synthesized by chemical vapor deposition or electrospinning. Carbon nanofibers synthesized by chemical vapor deposition have problems such as difficulty in controlling the uniformity of pipe diameter, catalyst removal that will destroy the fiber structure, and poor process scalability. The electrospinning technology can achieve efficient control of fiber diameter and length by adjusting technical parameters such as electric field intensity, spinning distance, nozzle size, spinning solution concentration, and solvent volatility. It can also achieve various fiber properties by adjusting the carbonization temperature.

The Special Properties Of Carbon Nanofibers

In terms of electrical properties, carbon nanofibers have unique advantages when used as fillers for polymers. They do not break when they are filled into the polymer matrix, so they can maintain their high aspect ratio. Since carbon nanofibers are small in diameter and conductive, adding a small amount of carbon nanofibers to textiles can prevent the generation of static electricity without affecting the comfort of the textiles.  

Previous research results show that carbon nanofibers are an excellent hydrogen storage material. Because carbon nanofibers have a unique pore-gel structure, they have a large specific surface area and can be used as a fast adsorption medium for various gases. A lot of research shows that carbon nanofibers are an extremely promising hydrogen storage material, which is expected to promote and promote the utilization of hydrogen energy, especially the early realization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. China Be-cu Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. also expects this day to come soon!

Adjustment of physical, mechanical and chemical properties, graphitization degree, etc. An important development direction for the synthesis of carbon nanofibers by electrospinning technology is: how to effectively realize the spinning of full-size micro manufacturing structures, that is, using electrospinning technology to synthesize the protofilament layer of structural/functional parts in one step, and after carbonization, obtain carbon Structural/functional building blocks of nanofiber layups.


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