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Handcrafted Carbon Fiber Shoehorns

Speaking of shoehorns, today’s young people may not know what she is. The older generation knows that it is an auxiliary tool for putting on shoes. Some shoes are narrow, and it is difficult for the feet to go in. Using the shoehorn can restore the Put your shoes on quickly and well. Shoehorn materials include horn, copper, ivory, plastic, animal bone, and the most popular carbon fiber material.Today I will tell you about the high quality of hand-madecarbon fiber shoehorn.  

In ancient China, ordinary people all had copper shoehorns, and girls also used it as a dowry when they got married. The carbon fiber shoehorn is similar in shape to the cow tongue, with a small upper end, a wide lower end, and a slightly curved interior.

The upper end is small, which is easy to hold by hand, and the lower end is large, which is the same as the width of the heel, which is convenient for the heel. The specific data is about 3 inches long and one inch wide. It has good quality, high strength, low density, large elastic modulus, friction resistance, and is not easy to damage, and it is not inferior to copper products. Compared to copper shoehorns, it is much lighter and will never rust.

To produce carbon fiber special-shaped parts, it is necessary to open a mold, and shoehorns also belong to special-shaped parts. The carbon fiber shoehorns of China Be-cu Prototype Material Technology Co., Ltd. are hand-made by professional technicians. Each one has undergone strict quality control, with beautiful appearance and long service life.  

Different from those inferior products, our company’s carbon fiber shoehorns are made of 100% pure carbon fiber, the surface can be frosted, brightly treated, smooth and visible, no roughness, no sticking, and complete curvature.

Of course, as a company specializing in carbon fiber products, we can also produce other carbon fiber products. The most popular ones are: carbon fiber auto parts, carbon fiber wallets, and carbon fiber model accessories. Come to the drawing machining, you can also tell us your requirements, we will design and produce.


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