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What Medical Devices Can Carbon Fiber Be Made Of?

Carbon fiber is a new type of structural material with a carbon content of more than 90%. In practical application, it is usually fused with matrix materials such as resin to form carbon fiber composite materials. Carbon fiber composite materials are more and more widely used in the field of medical devices. This paper Let’s take a look at the advantages of carbon fiber medical devices.  

What Medical Devices Can Carbon Fiber Be Made Of

Carbon Fiber DR Flat Panel Detector: The DR Flat Panel Detector is a versatile high-resolution X-ray flat panel imaging device. The carbon fiber material has good X-ray transmission performance, which can ensure that the X-ray penetrates the human body accurately. After multiple conversions, a high-definition pattern is displayed on the screen, which is convenient for doctors to make accurate judgments based on the image.

When selecting raw materials for high-standard medical equipment, we must not only consider the quality, hygiene and reliability of the material itself, but also consider the specific needs of the equipment in specific application environments.

Recently, carbon fiber composite materials have become an ideal component material for many high-end medical devices. So, in which medical equipment are carbon fiber composite materials specifically used?

Carbon Fiber DR Flat Panel Detector

The DR flat panel detector is a multi-functional, high-resolution X-ray flat panel imaging device that uses advanced technologies such as amorphous silicon thin film transistors, photosensitive diode arrays, and highly sensitive cesium iodide direct growth scintillator to obtain extraordinary stability. Imaging performance. Carbon fiber has good X-ray transmittance, which can help X-rays penetrate the human body accurately.

After multiple conversions, a high-definition pattern is displayed on the screen. The X-ray perspective of carbon fiber composite panels is only less than the aluminum equivalent of 1.0mmAL, and the panels are flat, smooth, lightweight and resistant to pressure. They replace aluminum alloy panels with obvious advantages and become a new choice for the new generation of digital X-ray imaging technology.

Carbon Fiber Headrest And Arm Frame

Carbon fiber composite materials can be used in head fixators, arms and other components in X-ray examinations. While effectively reducing the negative impact of X-rays on patients, they also have significant performance in high strength and high load.

The carbon fiber headrest has a high-definition perspective imaging effect, which well meets the detection requirements of 3D head imaging. The arm made of carbon fiber composite materials can withstand a load of about three times the weight of ordinary metal materials.

Carbon Fiber Medical Bed Board

It is widely used in various imaging operating beds and is of great help in improving modern medical imaging diagnosis technology and surgical accuracy. It has low X-ray absorption rate and can meet the needs of 3D and orthopedic navigation systems for 360° X-ray photography.

Its performance advantages make it play an irreplaceable role in neurosurgery, spine surgery, otolaryngology, plastic surgery and other surgeries involving radiosurgery and 3D imaging technology.

Carbon Fiber Breast Machine Support Plate

The carbon fiber composite support plate with a foam core “sandwich” structure in the middle can help patients use the patient area as the testing center, making testing more accurate. More importantly, its X-ray transmission performance, imaging clarity, strength and rigidity are significantly better than traditional support boards such as polycarbonate and phenolic resin boards, which plays an important role in improving the overall performance of breast machine equipment.

Carbon Fiber Ambulance Stretcher, Wheelchair

Professional ambulance stretchers usually adopt a folding design. The design of the stretcher body requires strong load-bearing capacity and as light a weight as possible. A stretcher bar made of carbon fiber composite tubes that can be carried by ambulance personnel after being disassembled into sections.

A carbon fiber ambulance stretcher with a net weight of less than 3kg can bear a patient weight of nearly 180kg. Carbon fiber wheelchairs are lighter and stronger overall and are the preferred material for high-end wheelchairs.

Carbon Fiber Superconducting Magnet Components

Magnetic resonance imaging is a widely used imaging examination technology. The entire equipment mainly consists of magnets, radio frequency transmitters, detectors, amplifiers and recorders. In order to obtain a higher magnetic field, superconducting magnets must be used. Superconductivity must be realized at extremely low temperatures.

Currently, it is used under liquid helium (-268.785°C). Therefore, the surrounding mechanical components require the use of special materials. Carbon fiber composite materials have smaller creep properties under larger temperature differences, making them more reliable than ordinary metal materials.

Carbon Fiber Prosthetic Limbs

Carbon fiber composite materials have high fatigue resistance, flexibility and good biocompatibility, and are more suitable for micro manufacturing prostheses for disabled patients than other materials. Prosthetic limbs are designed and manufactured using carbon fiber composite materials, which are high in strength, light in weight, and have more complete functions. The carbon fiber composite material used in the socket can well bear the weight of the human body and can effectively control the prosthetic limb, making the residual limb more comfortable and comfortable in the socket.

The outer frames of more than 20 types of knee joints currently popular in the world are made of carbon fiber composite materials. Not only is the strength guaranteed, but also a lot of weight is reduced, allowing the artificial knee joint to achieve a variety of functions. The main function of the prosthetic foot is to support the limb, generate thrust during movement, and at the same time compensate for the function of the triceps surae and flexor muscles. Due to the special design and materials, the energy storage effect of energy storage feet is much higher than that of traditional prosthetic feet. Energy storage feet made of highly elastic and high-strength carbon fiber composite materials are very popular because they are lightweight and allow patients to walk with less effort. . In addition, the ankle joint and the connecting tube between the ankle and calf prosthesis can also be made of carbon fiber composite materials, which can also achieve the effect of being light and strong.

Carbon Fiber Orthotics

Orthotics refers to the general term for external devices assembled on the limbs, trunk and other parts of the human body. Its purpose is to prevent or correct deformities of the limbs and trunk or to treat bone, joint and neuromuscular diseases and compensate for their functions. Orthotics made of carbon fiber are lightweight and stable, and can also store energy to reduce the patient’s energy consumption.

Carbon Fiber Medical Treatment Table

The use of carbon fiber composite materials to replace traditional stainless steel materials is mainly due to its corrosion resistance and lighter weight. It is more durable in long-term medical operations and is easier to move.

Carbon Fiber Health Care Equipment

Carbon fiber will generate heat when energized, and more than 75% of the heat energy is in the form of far-infrared, and the wavelength is 7-14um. When the two wavelengths are equal, they will interact and produce a resonance phenomenon. More than 70%-80% of the human body is composed of water molecules. Under the action of resonance, the vibration of water molecules will produce a series of physiological reactions, such as promoting the increase in cell temperature in human skin and subcutaneous tissue, making the human body move from the inside to the outside. Produces heat transfer, promotes and improves the blood circulation of the human body, helps eliminate human fatigue and restore body function, enhances metabolism, and improves human immune function. Therefore, it has certain health care functions.

At present, the more common application form, such as the far-infrared massage therapy bed, uses four carbon fiber far-infrared emitting panels with a far-infrared transmitter on the outside. This produces far-infrared rays in the 2.5-13.5 micron band, which is consistent with the human body’s activation wave. thereby being absorbed by the human body.

Carbon fiber prosthesis: carbon fiber composite material has high fatigue resistance, flexibility and good biocompatibility, and is more suitable for the production of prostheses for disabled patients than other structural materials. More weight, more convenient.  

Carbon fiber stretcher: Professional ambulance stretchers usually adopt a foldable design. The design of the stretcher body requires strong load-bearing capacity. The specific strength and specific stiffness of carbon fiber materials are better than most structural materials, and the load-bearing performance is outstanding. When a few fibers are broken, the load will be reduced. Distributes quickly to unbroken fibers without causing damage in a short period of time. At the same time, the carbon fiber stretcher is very light and easy to carry.  

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